Thematic Areas
  • Property Right as a Genuine Human Right.
  • Dynamics of Effective Property Investment and Ownership: A Global Perspective.
  • Challenges Facing Investment in Real Estate and Property Management in Africa
  • Effective Assets and Property Investment: 
  • Creating a Global Property Partnership Network: Challenges and Benefits
  • Asset and Property Investment in Kenya: Constrains and Solutions.
  • Global Property Partnership and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Principal Agenda on Housing.
  • Challenges and Solutions to Decent Habitations in Kenya.
  • Tying the Ribbon: Creating a Continental Asset and Property Investment and Ownership Organization for Africa.
  • Best Practices in Property and Asset Investment and Management: A Global Perspective.
  • Resolving the Landlords – Tenants Conflicts: 
  • Tenants Right to Ownership Vis-à-vis Real Estate Investment.
  • Global Challenges on Property Investment with Canadian Interest in Comparison to the World: Ways to Resolve Most of the Challenges.
  • The Role of Financial Institutions in Asset and Property Investment: A Global Overview.


KEPIA is privileged to host some of the foremost professionals working in property investment today. As the goal of our Congress is to Establish International partnership Network  to our delegates through Sharing, relevant information and insights, we take great care in selecting a high calibre of speakers, who, in many respects, set the tone for the Congress. 

Shirley Kongai

President, AREA Uganda