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The Kenya Property Investors Association is geared towards providing to property investors such us Landlords, property managers, property agents and homeowners and all property developers in Kenya with what they need to succeed.Our main goal is to provide you with a “Investor Tool Box”, a source of knowledge and experience gathered by us and put in one spot for you. 

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  • Practice a national real estate leadership with a hands-on culture and vision for real estate policy in Kenya through networking, socialization, and solidarity among our members.
  • Promote and/or propose national and international initiatives supporting the global real estate industry and attempt to reform and optimize national and regional property markets.
  • Empower landlords, homeowners, property managers, agents and other stakeholders as they preserve, protect and advance the right to real property investments.
  • Our approach respects the collective know how, self determination and sustainability
  • Help and guide our members in their daily operations towards the clear rule of law with regard to their investments
  • Engage and educate Property investors and owners on responsible investments.
  • Develop and promote tools for retail and institutional investments to navigate towards services and advice to our Members.
  • We offer free advice to our members on property Investments, rental lease agreements, sale agreements,legal notices, rent defaulters, evictions and others.
  • Be committed to ensuring that our interventions are relevant, timely and significant to our members
  • Raise awareness of responsible investments among the investing public.


Kenya Property Investors Association:

  • seeks to represent, protect and advance members’ interests.

  • participate, host various seminars and training programmes as well as advocacy initiatives.

  • take serious interests in building collaborations with other leading property organizations.

  •  creates an inclusive and conducive environment for the enhancement of our member’s interests.

  • keep along with dynamic trends in commercial, residential and industrial property investments.

  • is set to maximize the level of activity within the property investments sector.

  • has put firm commitments to the realization of more vibrant and globally competitive industry.

  • remains to be the regional representative organization for the region’s property investors.
























As a real property investor, there are several reasons why you should consider joining the Kenya Property Investors Association


Kenya Property Investors Association provides the opportunities to network where you will meet other property investors in related fields who may be able to help you or partner with you one day. Other investors may want to combine resources with you to take advantage of investing opportunities. You may also meet real estate agents who can provide hot tips on trends or available properties. Some groups attract brokers and other lenders who can help fund projects. You’ll be able to connect with contractors, lawyers, accountants or CPAs, as well as a host of other professionals. Your local Kenya Property Investors Association branch office may have the local network of investors that will offer discounts on products and services. Networking and sharing ideas between Kenya Property Investors Association members, especially at the national level, allows for a discussion of problems and issues with those who may have already been through similar situations. This allows members to share their experiences with new investors and help others overcome common problems. Networking events at a real estate investors association may also include the participation of service providers and other vendors with special deals for real estate entrepreneurs.

Financial Benefits / Savings & Discounts

There are many financial benefits to joining Kenya Property Investors Association. Kenya Property Investors Association proposes to allow investors to combine or pool their resources together to enlarge their purchasing power. This can allow investors to be eligible for investment opportunities they couldn’t otherwise obtain. Combining purchasing power can also result in increased bargaining power and, subsequently, better deals. The costs of buying property, especially property that produces income, can be exorbitant and daunting to new investors. By working with others, new investors can decrease their risk while taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of association investors. Kenya Property Investors Association members can take advantage of various discounts through partner companies that manufacture building materials eg roofing, timber, cement, tiles, glass, paints and others. The association may have additional deals and offers through local sponsors. There may also be discounts for events, workshops, products, and more. Check with your branch office to learn more about cost-saving opportunities. Members enjoy substantial collective purchasing power and receive valuable savings from top retailers and service providers through our Open Door program For example, a sole investor may be able to buy a small rental property, but an entire association will have more opportunities to combine funds and purchase a large hotel or office building. Financial benefits can also include help with managing taxes, such as rental property tax deductions. There are many tax considerations when investing, including the length of time a property is held. Real estate entrepreneurs may wish to consult with a professional tax lawyer for more information. Another financial benefit of joining Kenya Property Investors Association is the increased access to lenders of different levels across the nation.

Mentoring and Support

Besides networking and educational and financial benefits, investors can also receive mentoring and support from experienced professionals. The Kenya Property Investors Association provides interested investors access to motivated investors who can help nurture and support newcomers. For example, receiving motivated support can go a long way in keeping an investor engaged and focused on becoming successful at flipping houses or becoming a landlord. Along with providing education and new connections, our branches allow you to find a mentor or member who will walk you through some of the unfamiliar processes. They can also provide investment advice and additional networking or connections. Successful real estate mentors may also help craft investing strategies or assist with buying and selling decisions.


Kenya Property Investors Association legal affairs and Legislation division is dedicated solely to the property investment industry. The federated structure of the association enables the industry to represent its members on all legal matters attached to property investments at no cost.

Education Information & Career Development

Kenya Property Investors Association is a great resource for educational material on property investments and related issues. The Association offers frequent meetings in different regions which typically involve networking opportunities and a presentation. This includes inviting popular guest speakers to talk at meetings. You may also hear from local knowledgeable professionals in various industries offering formalized training, continuing education for professionals, and other informal ways to exchange ideas on property investments. Learn, lead and succeed with the broad-based education and training available only to members. Countless tools and resources for landlords, property managers and property agents are just a few clicks away. Access recruitment programs that attract, nurture and retain high-quality professionals. Recently, the Kenya Property Investors Association launched its National rent bureau, offering online information and data in regard to defaulting renters .You may also be able to learn about a vacant premises for rent or get a good tenant willing to rent your premises through our rent bureau linked to our website www.ultak.org Educational opportunities include access to knowledgeable and experienced members who can help guide you in making wise investment decisions. These educational opportunities are also great for professionals who seek continuing education courses for license requirements. You may also see landlords and other real estate professionals attending these networking opportunities and educational events. You may also be able to find more information on additional services or tasks you need to consider, such as property management services, tax advisors, and real estate asset management.

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